The day finally arrived to bring Dakota home, we had to do a 2 part journey on the way home.  First on my lap in the back of the car for an hour and a half and then in the crate in the boot for 45 minutes.

We arrived at Uggeshall Kennels and Anne-Marie had you ready freshly bathed.  She handed you to me and you were quite shaky.  But within a minute you licked my whole face over to make sure I was up to standard and then were quite happy.

We put your new collar on and Anne-Marie ran through some information, and handed over the info pack and we said goodbye.

We got into the car with a rathe subdued puppy, I had you on a fluffy blanket with a puppy pad under and was armed ready with wipes and poo bags.

You settled down and then about 15 minutes in were a bit sick, and then a bit longer you started squeaking lots and being very restless. You then did 2 poos – I will always know now squeaking like that in thecae means you need to go!

I cleaned it all up and you then settled and slept for most of the way to the first stop.

I get you out and put on your lead and we had a walk around the grass at Dad’s house. You did a wee and then had great fun trying to pull out the grass. After 20 minutes I put you into the crate in the boot of my car and held my breath. You laid down without a whimper and were silent the whole journey home.

When I parked and opened the boot you were still asleep, again you had been a tiny bit sick but were fine.

I carried you out to the garden and you did a wee and poo and then started exploring.

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I had thought you might be a bit shy, but not at all.

You met the guinea pigs who ran over to see you, you had a good look around the garden and then came back for some cuddles.  Ben came home from school and you were delighted to meet him and have a play.

You then tried out all the beds and your crate and started the huge process of playing with all the new toys I had spent several weeks collecting.

The plan that night was to have you sleeping int he crate in the kitchen and I was going to sleep in the living room for quick access to get you out for the toilet.

At 9 pm you were fast asleep in the bed on the floor, I almost chickened out of using the crate, but went for it and persuaded you in, after a few gentle words and sitting next to the crate for under a minute I put the cover on it and left the room.

And you slept until midnight, got out for a wee and poo and then slept until just before 6 am.  It was not the night i had expected and was very grateful for the sleep I had got!