Knowing that Dakota would be sleeping in the kitchen, and also until toilet trained not coming into the rest of the house, I started to look at baby monitors.

I then realised that for a similar price you could get a WiFi camera that meant you could hear and watch the room.

I found the ieGeek 720P HD WiFi IP Cam on Amazon for £39.99 that had really good reviews and ordered it.

It was simple to set up,  finding a good location was a bit tricky as if on top of the kitchen cupboards it didn’t show the whole room, but it spins through 360 degrees and you can move it via the app.  You can also mount it on the ceiling or wall too.  The wire isn’t very long but long enough.

I was really impressed with the picture quality, you can choose from HD or not, so if watching over your phones 3G Data you can use less.

There is a talk back facility on it, and as I said you can move the camera with the app.  The app isn’t super swish but it does the job.

The night camera is brilliant too, again I was surprised at how good the quality was.  These are screen grabs from my iPhone.