When I was researching crates for the house I found the KONG crates on pets at home website.  The difference between them and others are that the main door slides up and out of the way.  If you are planning on having he crate door open in the day for the puppy to go in and out, and you don’t have lots of room, then it is perfect as the door slides up.

It can either go right over or be fixed half up.

I got 2 crate mats here also that are washable.

The crate also came with a divider to make it smaller initially if you choose.  We just went with the size that fitted the gap in he kitchen initially and is plenty big enough for the next 6 months (if not more)

I have covered it in a blanket for now and then at night the front is also closed and another blanket put over it, I will make / buy a proper cover at some point.