Our Amazon Prime order lists is now 50% dog buys!  Here are the top things we purchased in 2017

Mpow Solar Lights £17.99

We now have 2 of these, one by the front door and one in the back garden.  Before Dakota arrived home I was searching for an outside garden light that didn’t need wiring in.  I wasn’t convinced a solar light would be powerful enough, or in (mainly) cold dark England it would charge enough.  But the reviews for these were excellent so I ordered one to see. And they are fantastic!  Even in the middle of winter they still work and are really bright.  With a few different settings, but we using the movement one, so when you go near it it comes on.  Perfect for evening letting the dog out.

Yakers Dog Chew £10.77

These have been a sanity saver with a very active puppy!  Not wanting to give her rawhide products, and other types of bones seem to be filled with rubbish, these are expensive but so worth it.  Knowing they are natural and they keep her working at them, and occupied.

KONG Dog Toys £5.99

We have been through many dog toys over the past 9 months.  Some you buy as they look cute (they are usually sprockered and killed in minutes) but the KONG toys keep going.  Especially the ones with no stuffing and rope bodies.

The sheep was another hit as it makes a noise as filled with ‘stuff’ that I imagined would be chewed and released within the day but it is still going strong 3 months later.

Redback UBOK Chelsea Boots Brown from Australia £86.00

Oh I love these boots!  I did so much research into some boots for dog walking and I took a chance and ordered these from Amazon (knowing I could return them).  They are made in Australia still, unlike the similar Blundstone boots and the reviews online were brilliant.  And after 9 months use in the summer (feet stayed cool) and snow (dry feet) cold (feet stay warm) mud and puddles (feet stayed dry) I am delighted with them.  They are so comfy, with springy soles, didn’t take any wearing in at all.  I also love how they look, I have worn with shorts, jeans and most things. I recently also cleaned them and re applied dubbin and they came up like new again. (I can see Amazon have limited sizes now, but have a search around as often other sellers)

50ft Dog Training Lead £6.95

I got this when she was first home to use as a loose line, I ended up cutting it in half to make it more manageable.  We still use it now, if she is going off lead in a new place or just having one of those ‘I can’t hear you and my recall has gone’ moments.

We have chucked it in the washing machine too and it comes out perfectly.

Slow Feeder Dog Bowl £6.99

Once we found the food she loved (Acana) it was an issue that she would inhale it with no chewing of breathe taken.  I ordered this and we are still using it 7 months later.  It goes in the dishwasher twice a day and is still looking great.

Earth Rated 120-Count Dog Waste Bags £5.49

I hate the bags with no handles, and can’t be bothered with them on rolls in a holder so I stuff my pockets with these before heading out.  We also have a box by the bag door.  They smell but not a hideous fake smell and are plenty big and strong enough.

Suitical Recovery Dog Suit £21.14

Dakota was spayed a couple of months ago and I knew that a cone (of shame) wouldn’t work for her or us in our small house.  So I chatted to people about other options and this was suggested.  And it was brilliant.  She kept it on day and night, you just up do at the bottom and roll up to take them out for the toilet. It washed really well and went in the tumble dryer fine.  And made her recovery really easy.

KONG Classic Dog Toy £4.99

When she was little she wasn’t that interested in these, but from about 5 months they are a hit.  We use baby food in them, the ones in pouches that you can squeeze straight in and then freeze.  We did used to have to microwave for 20 seconds to get her interested, but now at 10 months she has them frozen.

Starmark Bob-a-Lot Interactive Dog Toy £14.79

This is great, filled with her normal dry food, she got the hang of it quickly.  You can serve a full meal in it even.

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