6 months ago I saw on Instagram a friend has been given a PitPat dog activity tracker free from their pet insurance.  I love a good gadget and investigated!

The PitPat is an activity tracker for your dog, working in a similar way to a human fitbit.  It measures how much activity and what type your dog is doing.

I loved the idea, as Dakota never seems to stop, sticking to the 5 mins of exercise for each month was tough, so it was a good way to monitor that.  We both have apple watches to see our activity, so why shouldn’t the dog!

The tracker is quite small and fits on the collar with velcro,  Dakota has never noticed it, and it hasn’t ever bothered her.  And more importantly it has never fallen off!

It is safe to go swimming in and the battery lasts for a year and can be replaced with a simple cell type battery.

The device has a button in the middle which you press to get it to talk to he app on your phone.

The app has recently been updated so more than one person can have the same pet on their app too.

The app breaks activity into minutes of walking, pottering, running, playing and resting.  And you are told how many minutes of each per day she has done.  And a graph shows you when in the day she was doing each.

When you set up the app you tell them what type of dog you have, their DOB, weight and other info, and can add a photo.  You can have more than one dog on the app too.


Dakota’s current target is 50 minutes a day.  And that is what we stick to for big walks generally at 10 months.  But you can see from the charts, just being a dog at home raises the activity!

The first monitor we bought did stop working after a month, but the PitPat support was excellent, they sent us out a new one and we sent the old one back for them to invetigate.  We have had no issues with the new one, and it regularly goes for dip in the lake and stream.

The company has just nrought out a new version, the Pitpat 2 that also meausres distance travelled, I am really tempted to upgrade as I would love to know when I do a 3km walk with her, how far she travels back and forth to me.

The new PitPat is £39 and has a no questions return within 14 days policy, so if it doesn’t suit you can return.

I really do love her having it, it is great to see the stats of her day and to make sure she is moving enough.

Here she is modelling her Pitpat