I think getting a puppy is a classic case of however much preparation you think you have done, and books you have read NOTHING prepares you.

I have spent the first week comparing it to having a newborn, except you can’t bung them in a buggy and go for a walk.

We have split the nights, and she has done a mix of waking every hour and a half for a wee/poo and sleeping for 3-4 hour stretches. After about day 4 we were both a bit broken #dramatic

Another quiet morning here. #sprockerspaniel #sprockerpuppy

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As much as I knew it would be a big lifestyle change, I think the combination of lack of sleep, stress about worrying she will hurt herself, is she eating enough, is puppy poo meant to be like mr whippy ice cream, does she love us, are we doing toilet training right, will I ruin her view on *insert anything and everything* for the rest of her life by not introducing it correctly, how much guinea pig poo is too much for an 8 weeks old puppy to eat?

Just a few of the thoughts and things that I have googled during the week.

And I have repeated to myself lots, so many other people have done this and survived.

It is also the extremes, the moment where you think, oh she is so clever, then she tries to eat more cat poo.

We are so looking forward to her having her second injections so she can be taken out properly, I think it will help regain sanity all round.

But as first weeks go, it was a great one. And even in the moments of ‘WHAT HAVE WE DONE?’ that little face and those eyes…