Dakota is now 20 months old, and we have bought and used many different things for her.  Most have been a great success, so I thought I would share what has worked well for us.


Apart from the day she was collected from the breeder, Dakota has always travelled in a crate in the boots.  We decided due to going camping sometimes and generally having a full car that it would mean we could still use half the boot.

Initially we just used a normal metal crate as you have int he house, but when she was about 4 months we purchased a proper crash tested crate.

They have a safety door on the back, so if you are hit from behind and can’t open the boot you can still get her out from inside.

They also are lockable, so if you need to leave her in there for some reason but leave the boot open as it is warm (never leave her in any heat obviously) she is secure.

I kept an eye on the safedog website as they list second hand crates and we bought one from there and got it delivered via courier.

We have vet bed bedding in the bottom that is non slip and washes well.  She happily goes into it and then lays down.


These towelling coats are brilliant, I put hers on at the end of a walk and by the time we are home she is dry and a lot of the mud is inside the towel.  They wash and tumble dry really well.

She happily puts it on, does become like a statue with it on, but thats not a bad thing as it makes it easy to remove at home


We were recommended the equafleece by our dog walker when I was looking for a coat for Dakota for the winter.

The equafleece is multi purpose, some people use them as a drying coat, we use it to keep her dry if its pouring, or in the snow.  It also helps when it is really muddy out and all the bits under the coat stay clean and dry.

They are light weight and stretchy so easy to get on and off.

We have the dog tankie, but they have lots of versions and are really helpful if you contact them about sizing.

Dakota’s first collar was a fabric one from Charlie & Boo and when she grew out of it we tried various types of collars.  A nylon webbed one, that seemed to be great, but I then decided she would look lovely in a nice red leather collar.  Both had the same issue, a went and muddy sprocker meant the colours ran and she had a dyed pink neck for a few months.

So I went back to fabric collars, as they are soft, wash really well and the colours don’t run.

She has a collar change 3 or 4 times a week, so I have a few now and just chuck them int he washing machine.

Most recent purchases are from various etsy sellers, as I always buy red ones with dots or stars.

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20 weeks old 😍

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Happy wet dog 😍

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We have been through about 6 different ID tags, and I have tried a few different companies.  With Dakota in the water a lot they always ended up rusty and dirty looking.  

Then I found Collar & Tags deep engraved tags, they are a nice sold weight, and ours have been through the washing machine lots of times and still look like new.

They do lots of other shapes and designs too.

I first ordered a bag of these from amazon, then saw on the back of the packet about a discount on their website.  

The do a 50% off your first order, and they are cheaper than amazon without the discount too.

They are a great size, nice and solid so I can fill my coat pocket with them and they don’t fall apart or stink.

They have no rubbish in them and Dakota loves them.  We use them for training treats at home and when out on walks.  The bags are really big compared to most other treats too.


We have tried various shampoos from the big pet brands ( animology and pet heads) and I have always found them both hard to apply and lather and rinse.  

After spending (too long) reading reviews on amazon I thought I would give this a try

It is so much easier to use, and the results are brilliant.  It does have the baby talc smell, but I quite like that!

It has got our #bogdog back to white again, and rinses away really well.

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Last summer started early and was super hot, we were careful and did very early walks, and with the bonus of where we walk having lots of streams and lakes it gave Dakota the opportunity to cool down lots. 

But I also used one of these bandanas on her, you soak it with water and then it keeps them cool as it dries.  

We use these balls along with the chuckit thrower  they are easy to find in the grass and also guide her when my throwing is a bit off with the noise.

Only thing is they don’t float so for streams and the lake we use normal tennis balls (top tip, buy a bag of used tennis balls from ebay)

The first bowl we had lasted well, but after being int he dishwasher lots (it wasn’t dish washer proof) it needed an upgrade.

I got this one and it has been brilliant, it goes in the dishwasher twice a day and comes out perfectly.

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