When Dakota was a few months old, I asked on Facebook of ideas for where would be good to walk her.  We were very lucky to be told about Cherry Orchard Park in Rochford.

It links onto acres of woods at Gusted Hall and Hockley wood, farmers fields, once described as ‘Spaniel Heaven’ with its streams, fields, woods.  You can walk for miles with a huge variety of things for a busy sprocker to explore.  It is mainly used by other dog walkers, with some people also walking just to see it, especially at bluebell time of year where there are amazing displays in different woods.

You can go on a different walk each time you are there, through the woods, or around the fields, in the summer there are streams and a lake for swimming too.  

One of the things I love most is seeing the changing seasons over the last year of walks, the bluebells, the snow, the leaves turning golden, the fields growing crops and then being bare.  And then we hit winter again and the mud…oh the mud.

Some photos below showing the seasons and how a sprocker enjoys it all.