We had been in touch with Anne-Marie at Uggeshall Kennels for a couple of months and were waiting to see if we were on a waiting list, when we had a surprise reply that there were 3 girls who were yet to be allocated from Bubbles litter born on the 19th March 2017.

So we agreed to go up and visit on the 29th March and see them and maybe, possibly (like there was any chance of leaving without one being ours!!) picking one.

When we arrived we were met by a couple of the dogs and Anne-Marie, and went in to their summer house.  What we weren’t prepared for was how tiny they were.  I had seen videos but they were just so small.

Anne-Marie got the 3 girls out and handed us one each, with her holding the third.  I had been pretty sure before we went I would do the picking, but nope, there was no way at all I was going to pick.  So I made Dan do it, and he choose the little girl with the fab lightning bolt down her head.

We then got to have teeny puppy cuddles.

As well as meeting proud mum Bubbles, we also met Neville the Dad who was more than friendly, he was on my lap happily 2 seconds after arriving in.  The whole feel of Uggeshall is one that loves their dogs and puppies.

We agreed to go back in a couple of weeks, bringing our (not so) small boy along to meet her.